CTAHR provides communications and coordination for ROD identification and management

The Hawaiʻi DLNR is a leader in staffing the management and response to ROD across the state

The Lyon Arboretum Hawaiian Rare Plant Program's Seed Conservation Laboratory is the primary repository for storing ʻōhiʻa seeds, a leader in seed research, and home of #ohialove

DOFAW is at the front lines of ROD in the field every day and has a Seed Bank on Kauai for storing ʻōhiʻa seeds collected from that island

The U.S. Forest Service is a partner in securing collections, providing updates on ROD, and is developing the capacity to store seeds at their office in Hilo

The USDA-ARS provides research support for diagnostics, guiding management practices, and searching for resistance

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The HPSG provides oversight and guidance on collection protocols, goals, and communications on the HRPRG listserv

Laukahi is providing support for coordination, communications, and developing a strategy for securing ʻōhiʻa seed collections

The HISB is a primary repository for ‘ōhi‘a seeds collected on Hawai‘i Island, located in Kona

The NTBG is one of the primary seed banks in Hawai‘i, and along with DOFAW, is developing the strategy for Kauai

The OANRP is collecting ‘ōhi‘a seeds from areas where they work on O‘ahu and storing them at their seed bank

The Kew MSB supports securing ‘ōhi‘a collections at the USDA Seed Bank in Colorado and building partnerships in the Pacific Region

The PEPP program make ‘ōhi‘a seed collections during their regular field work and assist with developing sampling strategies

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