2017 Hawaiian Botanical Forum

Hawaiian Forest Restoration in the Face of Climate Change

The Hawaiian Botanical Forum has teamed up with the Pacific Entomology Conference and early bird registration for this exciting event is soon coming to a close. Please register by September 21st to take advantage of these affordable prices! We sincerely hope you can join us!

We have decided to partner our two disciplines this year to leverage common resources and make this conference a unique new event. Participants will be able to submit presentations and/or attend talks for either discipline! The conference is now be billed as “The Pacific Entomology Conference featuring the Hawaiian Botanical Forum.”

Please follow the link below to register, submit talks or posters, and find details about the event: http://www.pacificentconf.org/

Confirmed speakers include: Plenary speaker, Ulalia Woodside (The Nature Conservancy) along with Marian Chau (Lyon Arboretum), Susan Cordell (United States Forest Service), Lucas Fortini (Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative), Matthew Garma (Oʻahu Army Natural Resources Program), Butch Haase (Molokai Land Trust), Paul Krushelnycky (UH CTAHR), Elliott Parsons (Division of Forestry and Wildlife), and Jon Price (UH Hilo).

Date: December 5-7, 2017

Location: Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel.

Early registration rates: Now - September 21 - $175.00

Regular registration rates: September 22 - November 1 - $215.00

Email questions to hawaiianbotanicalforum@gmail.com.

The 2nd Hawaiian Botanical Forum aims to bring together the Hawaiian and Pacific botanical community to share research and practices in science, conservation, and management efforts regarding native Hawaiian plants, and to promote discussion, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge among all parties. This year’s theme: “Hawaiian Forest Restoration in the Face of Climate Change” highlights the critical challenges that will be faced by the Hawaiian botanical community as it strives to understand, plan for, and mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on plants in Hawai’i and the Pacific. Session talks will be selected by the 2017 Hawaiian Botanical Forum Committee and will emphasize the impacts of climate change on native Hawaiian forests and how those impacts may be mitigated so we can ensure the recovery and perpetuation of Hawai‘i’s unique botanical diversity.

The first day of the forum will feature a traditional conference format in the morning session, with speakers and presentations on climate change and effects on native Hawaiian forests. After lunch will be the first round of short ‘shout-out’ presentations. The afternoon session will include breakout sessions that focus on particular aspects of Hawaiian botany/climate change impacts. These breakout sessions will be hands-on, where attendees in interactive groups will drive what is discussed. Day two will start with traditional presentations on propagation of rare and common native Hawaiian plants, germplasm conservation, and plant pests and disease. This will be followed by lunch, more ‘shout-out’ talks, and another breakout session for focused group discussions. The morning of the third day will include submitted presentations (10-20 minutes).

2017 Botanical Forum Pac Ento Conf Flyer

2017 Hawaiian Botanical Forum Submissions

The 2nd Hawaiian Botanical Forum will have three great ways for you to participate and share your project, research, or message with other Forum attendees. Please consider displaying a poster and/or presenting a 5- or 10-minute (Yes! 5 minutes!) talk in the Shout Out sessions! You can also submit a 10-20 minute talk related to this forum’s theme: Hawaiian forest restoration in the face of climate change. We look forward to hearing and learning all about what you do!

Abstracts will be accepted until September 21st, 2017, or until all poster and talk slots are filled.

Submit all abstract applications to: pacificentconf.org

If you have any questions or inquiries, please direct them to: hawaiianbotanicalforum@gmail.com

Subject Guidelines for both Posters and Shout Out Talks:

Posters and Shout Out Talks should be related to some aspect of Hawaiian Botany with preference given to abstracts that also relate to the theme of the 2nd Hawaiian Botanical Forum: “Hawaiian Forest Restoration in the Face of Climate Change.” This includes the scientific study of plants in Hawai’i and the Pacific, including their physiology, anatomy, genetics and phylogeny, ecology, natural history, distribution, classification, and economic importance; as well as the protection, conservation, restoration, propagation, and management of native Hawaiian plants; or management, control, and prevention of introductions of non-native plants in Hawai‘i or the Pacific. Also encouraged are abstracts that present novel techniques, approaches, and technologies that will aid in Hawaiian botanical research, conservation, and/or management. Abstracts that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered.

Poster guidelines and display and Submitted Presentation instructions:

More details to come.

Shout Out Talks guidelines and instructions:

New to the 2nd Hawaiian Botanical Forum are the two Shout Out Sessions (one on each forum day), which will provide a platform for attendees to present their work, projects, research, or interests to others. Forum registrants proposing Shout Out Talks may choose either 5- or 10-minute talk lengths. These talks are SHORT, with 6-12 talks projected for each hour-long session.  Please include any time reserved for questions into your 5- or 10-minute allotment. Time will be monitored strictly.

Mahalo for your interest,

The Hawaiian Botanical Forum Planning Committee

Vickie Caraway, Marian Chau, Margaret Clark, Charmie Dang, Elliott Parsons, Maggie Sporck Koehler, Nellie Sugii, Lauren Weisenberger