Hawai‘i Strategy for Plant Conservation – Objective 3

Objective III: The capacities and public engagement necessary to implement the strategy have been developed

14. Trained people working in facilities, according to local needs are sufficient to achieve the goals of the Hawai‘i Strategy for Plant Conservation. 

15. Increase the capacity to provide adequate infrastructure for ex situ facilities. Improve access to ex situ facilities and facilitate inter-island transport of germplasm and plants.

In order to conserve native plant diversity, we in Hawai‘i need a variety of ex situ spaces and methods to grow ferns, shrubs and trees that are adapted to specific climates and ecosystems. Each island needs access to seed banks, nurseries, botanical gardens and highly-specialized cryo-preservation and micropropagation facilities. Laukahi aims to expand and improve existing seed banking facilities to provide adequate space to secure duplicate collections through the Hawai‘i Seed bank Partnership (HSBP). This group collaborates on grant applications to upgrade equipment, increase germplasm storage capacity and enhance research capabilities. Although nursery facilities are available for holding living collections and producing plants for restoration outplantings on most islands, gaps do exist on the islands of Moloka‘i and Hawai‘i. New facilities are needed there. Our local network of botanical gardens, many of which are members of the Center for Plant Conservation can build their living collections to better support in situ conservation efforts. The most effective way Laukahi can contribute to facilitating this partnership is by developing transport to improve access to and from all facilities. Because access to each of the facilites is needed on each island, the best way for Laukahi to contribute is to support the transport of plants and important collections between our islands.

16. Partnerships for plant conservation are established or strengthened at national, regional and international levels.

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