Laukahi is a voluntary alliance of agencies, organizations and individuals aiming to protect Hawai‘i’s rare plant species through coordinated conservation efforts by implementing the 

Hawai‘i Strategy for Plant Conservation


Laukahi: the Hawai‘i Plant Conservation Network is a recently formalized effort to collaboratively implement the Hawai‘i Strategy for Plant Conservation. Laukahi – translated as “single leaf” in the Hawaiian language - aims to strengthen collaboration among groups working to conserve Hawaiian plants.  The Laukahi Advisory Council is currently a volunteer effort by: Vickie Caraway, Don Drake, Randy Kennedy, Maggie Sporck-Koehler, Nellie Sugii, Lauren Weisenberger, Chipper Wichman, and Joan Yoshioka. Matthew Keir is the Laukahi Network Coordinator. Contact:


Laukahi has a growing number of partners that help to implement the Hawai‘i Strategy for Plant Conservation by supporting our initiatives, conducting field work to protect native habitats, propagate and secure propagules in ex situ facilities, and do research to inform strategies. 


Mahalo to all our partners!: